The American Board of Trial Advocates - Ohio Chapter
is the local chapter of a national association of
experienced trial lawyers and judges
dedicated to the preservation and promotion of the
civil jury trial right provided by the Seventh Amendment
to the U.S. Constitution.


Civics Education

Teachers are the key to preserving the health of our democracy. They educate the next generation about the rights and responsibilities of citizenship. The ABOTA Foundation has created opportunities for teachers and students to grow their knowledge of the Constitution, judicial system and other anchors in civics education. 

Professional Education

The ABOTA Foundation hosts Masters in Trial programs throughout the country to help increase the advocacy skills of trial lawyers. Through work with chapters and cooperating organizations, the ABOTA Foundation educates lawyers of all experience levels to make them more effective advocates.

Civility Matters

One of the primary tenets of ABOTA is a responsibility for elevating the standards of integrity, honor, ethics, civility and courtesy in the legal profession. Through our Civility Matters program we strive to promote the importance of professional and civil behavior in the practice of law.

Save Our Juries

Save Our Juries is a public education campaign, aimed at informing and mobilizing citizens in the fight to save our disappearing Seventh Amendment right. Our mission is to protect and preserve the civil jury system.